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Martin Hilmer Please click for a bigger picture (as a jpg: 76k, decompressed on the local machine: 2MB).
Personal Details:
Martin Hilmer, formerly a piano pupil of
Prof.Maria Landes-Hindemith in Munich, studied
music at the Augsburg University. He has been
performing as a glass musician since 1996 and, as
a member of the ensemble "Sinfonia di Vetro",
has played at the Munich Biennale, on radio and
TV and at Chamber Music Performances at the
Dresden Opera House - to mention but a few.
He is also
involved in the development of various glass
instruments. Since summer 2001 he has been
concentrating on performances with glass and
harp as an ideal combination.
Appearance in the Dresden Opera House at the first chamber music evening 1997
Martin Hilmer Tel: +49 (09567) 98 27 55